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Is travelmyth really a partner

We have been contacted by travelmyth informing us to update some information on their site.  When we asked for more information the Travelmyth agent informed us that they partner with several booking engines including

Is Travelmyth really a partner? Is this website legit?  Am i being scammed of are they phishing us to get hold of our booking details and booking payments/bank deposits? 

I'd like some feedback please.


isabella piovanelli

ok this is automatic and it says the site is safe. Anyway, i cannot access to register my own holiday home, and found no reviews at all... :-/


Galini Breeze

Yes it is o.k. The company 'TravelMyth' is a Greek start-up that cleverly built a search engine using API codes (public data) from and other OTA's, combined with additional information each venue may add manually. The business model is that they automatically earn a small % of the OTA commission, if someone books that way after visiting their platform. That's perfectly legal.

We have been following them as we are connected to a start-up support program that they participated in (Orange Grove, Athens).

Hope this helps!


Marcus Hinfelaar, Galini Breeze