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I have been with for quite a number of years and have raised issues previously around bookings and how payments are taken.

I have lost a number of bookings due to incorrect cvc codes been given out. Des anyone else suffer from this issue?

Today I had a booking from a guest, but its not a booking just more or less wanting to make a booking and hold it until they find something else. I have requested they cancel the booking but will they? Previously the history has been that they dont. I am really disappointed with and how they respond to there partners.  Why do we pay 15% when there is no help with reservations which have false credit card numbers taken? Why can no take the money for partners the way Air BnB do?

Expedia by the way have announced they are reducing commison rates, I know they have done this for some of my other properties. 

Interested in your views. 

It will be interesting to see if answer my queries with some practical advise and help. Like we will collect the money from guests for you.

Regards and thanks


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Ann


As a fellow Ulsterman , I know how lovely Portrush area is.


I cant say I have seen mention of CVC issues  on here in the last year, but that's not too surprising since a very small % post anything.


They did a few months ago change the charge day for VCC to be day 2 after check-in.

On the topic of BdC taking prepayment for all partners on request, I have seen it said when I first joined to not take no for an answer when you request to join the Payments by Booking.   Just insist on needing it as you have no other alternative, and would have to go to a competing OTA, if not enabled.


But it does not apply to taking deposits, only way to do that is share SEPA bank info or sign up for a payment gateway service with Remote Payment link feature and ideally a virtual terminal service too.


I'm not a great fan of Expedia, I use it  limited to  one room only, as i get too many 3rd party affiliate bookings and no way to message them, which defeats the purpose of automation and message templates.


I also discovered there are independent travel agents using Expedia to book your listing as part of a package deal to the guest and then the guest tries to contact you to cancel and get a full refund. 

Then I have to point out it was done as a 3rd party and package deal so their own come back is the package deal provider.