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Has anyone received the following e-mail, (which I have to say is completely unsubstantiated), no reference no. guest name or original date of visit resulting in a reckless accusation made by the sender as usual acting without thinking or getting seeking the relative evidence that would allow such accusations.

I know exactly how to handle change of date requests and only do them after consulting and on the instruction of the guest.  Contrary to what they print the change of date facility has always been available on the B.Com guest booking confirmation.

Contacted account manager - waste of time - think they pluck these job titles out of thin air as they certainly don't take any kind of ownership 

If anyone has received such an e-mail would love to hear how they have handled it

Kilmichael House/LodgeLochness

15 May 2020 - 14:15:18

Dear Partner,

We would like to inform you that an official warning has been issued to your property because of the following:


 - you have modified dates without prior agreement with your Guest 

This activity is not in line with our values and it is not what we expect from our partners.

This letter serves as an official warning and we will closely monitor your property’s performance. If any further unacceptable activity is detected, the functionality of modifying dates may no longer be available to you, your property’s listing on might be suspended or permanently closed without a possibility to be reopened. We strongly advise you to take the necessary measures to ensure that your conduct is not in breach of any of your contractual obligations with

If you require more information on how to best use this new feature please follow the link below:…

We value our business relationship and hope that we can continue to have a successful partnership.

If you have any questions, kindly contact us via your extranet inbox.

This is an unmonitored email address, please do not respond directly to this email.

Kind regards,

Fraud & Abuse Team B.V.

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BrookAve 2 years ago



Topic: 1st Warning from Fraud & Abuse Team


Thats an automatic message based on multiple factors.

So there won't be references etc.


Likely caused by using the cancel feature and the guest taking too long to respond as one scenario.


Its also possible its a false positive that triggered it.


For now I would ignore it if you know all your cancellations can be backed up.


Kind regards


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Fossilcoast Hawera 2 years ago

Hi, I haven’t experienced this, but can only imagine how it would make me feel, Especially knowing that you have not been dishonest

Unfortunately, everything is programmed for the software to respond to certain activities and appears that there’s no one to respond by having a conversation first, prior to sending out warnings.

I really appreciate what can do for our business - but when things like this happens, it let’s itself down.  

Kind regards,

Fossil coast B & B