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I had a booking, i asked around 10am to move it to another apartment i have, the guest agreed by the way, 4 hours later after i called, i call again because it still wasn't done. I also have a third apartment i needed open as i finally got a touristic license (mentioned both times to it wasn't opened. 10 hours later i get a booking around the same dates in the apartment i want it moved to, so again they did not move it. I call again, so 24 hrs in total has passed, i explain all over again with a new problem saying i can house both and to make changes, nothing was done, i call again a few hours later repeating myself to receive an email stating i said i cannot accommodate them to which i replied i can telling them they are useless. I call again, still repeating myself to be told it will be done in 15 mins, hours went by to see that both have been cancelled and i will be charged... COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW STUPID AND INCOMPETENT STAFF AT B.COM ARE AND WHAT CAN BE DONE, PLUS HOW I GET THEM TO GIVE ME WHAT I HAVE LOST IN REVENUE PLEASE???




1. in what country did you call BdC support?


2. remember there are multiple teams that make up BdC support  across different countries/regions, and time of day determines which one you end up talking to.


3. i would ring them ask for it to be done while you are on the phone, and you will hold until it is completed.


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