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Value Added tax -unfaircommission

Value added tax partners are unfairly treated. /we not only pay commission on our booking but also on the vat we are required to pay. If you are on a preferred partner commission structure you effectively pay 20,6% commission. Don't be fooled by their admin department claiming that you can claim the commission vat back. This only applies to the actual VAT they charge on their already inflated  commission ( 20,6%).

Section 64 of the South African VAT act states that prices are deemed to include VAT. That means that a portion of the price includes the taxman's share. We are charged commission on money that is not even ours.

Section 7(1) of the VAT act states that VAT will be levied for "the benefit of the state" How then can we pay commission on money that is not ours.

We are being unfairly discriminated against.  Non VAT vendors do not have to pay this inflated commission.

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BrookAve 1 year ago

seriously how many times are you going to repost the same topic/ same content?


i can see it was 7 days ago, this will achieve zero and zero results.


Post  a topic once and wait for others to maybe reply, thats it


and clearly you dont understand VAT and nor why you are being charged VAT