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"Vegan friendly" filter for accommodation search


I would like to address this question to Please add "Vegan friendly" filter in accommodation search. Veganism is getting more popular day by day in all the world. So it is very actual. For vegans and for me, as for vegan, it will be very helpful. Thank you in advance!





FYI: You are only addressing other partners and community team on here. 

I would suggest on your listing add a photo of vegan food and provide text on it to mention it.


Could also put it into your Q&A section as a question and then answer it.



Kind Regards



Oleg you need to actually ask them, ring or message support team.


Literally Partner Help > Contact Us on the bottom of every page on here, you literally cant miss it





Oleg Nadymov

Hi Sergey! I'm happy to share it. Are you from team? If so, is it possible to implement this idea? Do you have any plans about this trend? Thanks in advance!


I think it will be great if partners discuss the idea in the Community first. :)