Verificacion approval missing since 9 months - no response by booking.com


I am offering my apartment since January 2019 and have an overall score of 10 points from 8 guests. However, booking.com is not able to verify my address. The problem is, that my apartment is located in Paraguay and receiving letters are very complicated - I do not received any letter so far (yes, the address is correct and I ask the system 4 times to send me the verification letter). I learned from booking.com  Germany that I need to call Argentina and they can do an alternative valuation via video or verify me via airbnb, where I am a superhost. However, I have called more than 20 times the Argentina and US in order to get the valuation. I only hear, sorry for the problem, we will handle it as soon as possible.... In addition, I have sent more than 10 times emails via extranet and just received one single reply from booking.com. Sorry for the problem etc. Nothing changed so far - very frustrating. However, nobody (I do not have a contact person or a special contact number) is responsible for this issue. I need the valuation, because I received several times fake bookings from China and I would like to have a partial pre-payment in order to avoid fake bookings. I have never dealt with such an unprofessional platform before...

Can anybody help me please?

Thank you.

Leandri Klopper

Hey there,

Thanks for your thorough post. 

The verification process is a popular topic here on the forum. (You can do some searches on this to find many gems, also many trial and error stories which are worth the read). 

The best suggestions so far is to click on "I am not at the property" which is hyperlinked right under the little box where you need to enter the verification code on your Home page. This will start a process within a department that is responsible for verifications. 

The other suggestion (Although I hear many different stories depending on which country you are in), is to get your Account Manager involved. Every single property listed on Booking.com falls under an Account Manager (according to area). Their contact nr should be on the extranet under Inbox. 

Best of luck!