We cannot open our object for reservations

Hello!  My name is Katerina, I am representing the managing company from Montenergro, we are managing our objects in Montenegro and Turkey.

A month ago we have added a new object to our general account and didn't get the paper mail so we couldn't confirm the location that's why we have asked you for video call. You wrote us that for this new object which is located in Turkey we need to open a new account which we have done. And after that you told us that there cannot be two same objects in different acoounts and adviced to proceed with the first one.

Now we have this object in our old general account, which one is also using for montenegrien properties, Admiral Elite Residence *** and the new one account which we created only for Elite Admiral Residences *** . Please tell us which account we need to remove and with which one we can proceed.

Meanwhile we were told that exists another one old account regarding our object - Elite Admiral Residences -, with the same address, but different apartment and it was created four years ago and belongs to somebody else. 

I need to give you information about our object: This is a huge complex with a lot of apartments, villas and hotel belonging to different people. But all this property has the same address. So please use our individual apartments numbers to send us confirmation letter with a code.

Since October the 7th we are asking you to organize a video call so we can confirm the location and open reservations. But our messages and calls do not work.

We are deeply disappointed and considering taking our business elsewhere.

Yesterday our director Svetlana spoke with *** from booking.com spanish office. And she advised to send our rented apartments numbers, so you can separate it from any other account and from any other apartments in Elite Admiral Residences. We are managing for apartments A2-9, A-2-10, A1-2, A1-7, A1-8, A2-15. B7-10, B8-5, B8-2 . Some of them belong to private owners, some of them directly to the owner of the complex.

Waiting your soonest reply, with best regards,





Hi Katerina



Welcome to the Partner Only  Forum, addressing only us not BdC support team.

Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.


Hi so by 'object' i'm going to asume you actually mean a 'property listing'.


This really sounds like quite a mess, for such a simple request, with a simple solution yet BdC Support has royally cocked it up.


Unfortunately as per above, you cant post a request for action here, as nothing will come of it.


Instead message  BdC support the details, see below visual guide for how to.



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