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website down

Hello the website is down and support is no longer working ... who can solve the problem?





Please elaborate alot more, this is extremely vague.


Hi, The website is down. Instead of showing my site only the words "Bad getaway" appear.  Ha fallado toda la mañana.



  1. You are still being vague.  
  2. Please rename your profile name to something more professional than 'Marketing' such as property name or your name.  
  3. The website for guests is not down at all.  
  4. The Extranet for Partners is not down either.  
  5. Bad Gateway usually has a 3 digit number as well. Refers to something else. I wont bore with you the IT definition other than its just your connection to the website. This has many root causes and none of them are due to the website being down.
  6. Consider power cycling your modem to clear the ARP cache on it, then retry loading.



Please state the actual website you are referring to , no mind readers here.

i.e. Extranet or guest booking website or a 3rd party booking portal.


Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

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