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What an awful experience being a partner with

1. Today we all trying to cope up and keep up with this adverse situation of covid19 pandemic, is making it worse. 2. Where are the human, with whom i can speak regarding some issues which I couldn’t find on your self help system. 3. I have emailed you to delete one property, as we no longer operate it. No luck, no reply. 4. Now i want to add a property and it gives error.

Around Equator 1 year ago

Stop Congratulating for achieving level 1, that gives me no joy and Start Acting and Helping.

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Ezia Di Capua 1 year ago

Ciao, mi dispiace...prova a fare un'atro numero:

Brasile   -   Natal   -   +558420205390

Brasile   -   Porto Alegre   -   +55 5130835940

Brasile   -   Rio de Janeiro   -   +552139581919

Brasile   -   San Paolo   -   +551139564000

Non so aiutarti piu' di così...un caro saluto Ezia