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What breakfast to serve during pandemic?

Are you serving normally breakfast buffet or not? Is It permitted in Italy due to Covid19 restrictions or not? It Is not clear


Hello I Colori del Vento B&B! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thank you for raising a really good question. I featured it to make it more visible for other partners. :) 

Le Balcon des Jasses

Hi, it's a little complicated. Before we had a buffet with Continental breakfast, now we make breakfast, and visitors can from a menu order, and I prepare for each person. Its a lot more expensive and take more time, but its the only way to do it.

Its a problem for one night visitors, ass its almost non-profit anymore. I try with to make breakfast NOT INCLUDED only FOR ONE NIGHT visitors, but the Booking extranet system cannot handle it.

I'm very happy for idea from the Panel. Thank you Srigei to bring it up. 

Hi from Lucy

M Adamopoulou

Hi Lucy,


Love your fresh baked croissants!!!

Share some with us even in picture!!!

Wish you health and happiness!!!

M Adamopoulou

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for the delicious croissants 🥐...

Wish you a splendid evening...



Hi Lucy,

To achieve what you want, make your room-only and with-breakfast offers separate. Then set with-breakfast offer to a minimum stay of 2 ( or wwhatever minimum you prefer ) nights and leave room-only as it is now. Just remember to adjust your availability accordingly as bookings come in.


That'll cost you croissant! Lol

Le Balcon des Jasses

Thanks, It is to complicate on website, I try and end up in misunderstanding. 

I'm sure it is possible another way, but the booking needs to be clear and without any misunderstanding. I do not have time before the season is over, and I do not use a day to make this problem again. 

I wish it was possible, the Internet can everything, not everybody with help service know how to do.!!

Thank you from Lucy