What would you do to get Bookingcom to honour their review agreement?


I received a negative review from a guest booking that never stayed at the property. Bookingcom have not responded to the five messages I have sent requesting the review be removed. How do you get Bookingcom to respond to messages?  

This review should never have been published as it breaches bookingcom policies. I requested it be removed as this review as it is damaging bookingcom and my business, it is false and malicious and against bookingcom policies on so many levels.

1. The reservation was cancelled, therefore a review should never have been published in the first place

2. The guest used discriminatory remarks, suggesting I was discriminative, which is incorrect, therefore they are discriminating against me

3. The guest used ridiculous abusive language such as saying they were treated like 'prisoners'

4. They used language to targeted me the owner of the property and defamed me negatively 

5. The guest was reported to the police and asked to be removed from the property for misconduct, loud abusive behaviour and threatening harm, they were reported to bookingcom and I was told by bookingcom this behaviour was unacceptable and all would be done about this but so far nothing has been done

6. This booking was cancelled and the money refunded to the guest in full even though the booking rate and policy was nonrefundable, but for security reasons we needed the guest off the property .

7. This guest doesn’t qualify to make a review. 

What would you do to get Bookingcom to honour their partnership agreement?

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Sounds aweful!

Well, I'll go to my favourite say thing. You need to speak to a human. Phone the number on your extranet or go through Partner Services' call centre. Refuse to put down the phone until you have spoken to Your account manager (Their name is also on your extranet). I suggest speaking really calmly to the account manager and get them on your side, as you need to work with them in the future.

Booking.com has had SO many issued regarding negative reviews and their policy on not removing it. If understand you correctly, Booking.com has already told you that the guest behaviour was unacceptable. Which puts you in a position of power (as such). If they agreed with you then they should be willing to help you.

Hope this helps!

I G Okorji

Sadly, I had a similar experiences and also spoke to many humans at booking.com, not to mention several e-messages. Yes, they are dealing with it, but till date, they are still dealing with the matter about one month down and counting.

However, I had the opportunity to respond and I think that any prospective guest that prefers the negative comment despite contracdictory reviews from other guests is not welcome to my property. I think it will be wrong to treat guests differently than they deserve for the sake of a good review. Nasty and unwelcome guests, my policy is to show them the door.