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When do you increase your nightly price?

Hi guys

 Hope all is well.

I would like to hear from people that have successfully increased their nightly rate without loosing customers. 

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Check out the analytical dashboards in extranet 

Account Adviso…

Hi Benjamin pearson,


Great question! Once you start receiving bookings and understand the demand to your property, you should be able to yield your rates on high demand dates (eg. if your weekends do much better than your midweek, it would make sense to yield here). Have a look at your Sales report to understand which days of the week perform better for you.


If you do have different rates on different days of the week, it's always great to show guests they are getting a discounted rate by booking a less popular date. You can maintain rate here and potentially apply a promotion on these slower dates so guests can see the difference in rate which makes it more enticing. Let us know how you go!


Kind regards,

Shirley E.