Why Booking.Com

I am very upset at the moment.

Why booking.com does not seem to care for the host.

Almost 90% is the right of the guests.

I wish we could also have a right as a host over the guests.

Really upset.

I am thinking of ending my account here in booking.com




Hi Anabelle Yalung


Like you , many of us have are own experiences and times of venting, raging etc about BdC.

But as someone who has looked into some of the competition and what they offer and looked at Pros V Cons... its better the devil you know comes to mind.


In many ways BdC are decent for what it offers to my country and services.

Yes I know it can vary by country. Services limited etc.


You have nothing to loose by keeping it and maybe close out some or all dates while you try out something else, then reopen the closed rooms if another doesnt work out.



Kind Regards


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Anabelle Yalung

Thank you for the advise.

One thing that added to my upsetness is the tel agent from Armsterdam, she was so rude and does not even have the time to listen to me like she was in a hurry and she even put the phone down while I was still talking. 

Very poor telephone communication service.

I was still trying to explain my side but that Amsterdam call agent was so hmmmmmp...