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Why don't respect the hosts?

Why can't realise the thing that they are losing money while they are allowing a bunch of irresponsible guests damaging our business. I meant all that huge amount of false bookings/no show offs. Why they can't learn from airbnb which is doing great while charging us only 3% against 20% of 1 cancellation in a whole year, that is fantastic, while on booking every 3rd booking is false/cancelled.

I think they should rethink their model, and learn from Airbnb how to do a business, how to make guests more responsible and decrease cancellations rate. 

While my favorite is airbnb,

Only 1 apartment is listed here on and I'm thinking to close it in near future.       

M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Thankfully, there are so many platforms that we hosts can list our properties...not all are working the same way...

False bookings and cancellations can happen through any platform.  Strict policies can help mininimize this problem which is very annoying indeed. 

For me, is a leader and my support team is very friendly and supportive... has helped me change my policies to my benefit...

Communication can solve many problems so maybe you should contact your support team.

Wish you a great day.