why doesn't my apartment show up?

i had apartment for rent in La Mata in Spain. Name of property was Los Europeos. Now is gone. I dont have access to this apartment. on booking.com i dont ssee my apartment. Whats going on?

Leandri Klopper

Hi Grzegorz Suchecki 83 ,

Welcome to the forum.

Did you lose access to rent it out on Booking.com, or do you no longer have the power to rent out the physical apartment?

Depending on your answer we can take this further.

Keep well!

Leandri Klopper

Hey Grzegorz Suchecki 83,

Oh boy, okay well at least that's a Technical problem that can be solved (hopefully easily).

I suggest that you phone Booking.com (Using a number from using this directory.), and provide them with the name of your property.

They will ask you a bunch of security questions which you will need to be able to answer.

Best of luck!

M Adamopoulou

Good luck Grzegorz Suchecki 83. I am sure booking.com will solve your problem although not very easily. Try not to get frustrated.