why my listing shows sold out although no booking ?

why my listing shows sold out although no booking ? anyone can help please ? 

M Adamopoulou

Docs-Iplv welcome to the forum. Have you updated your calendar. Maybe you should call your local office BDC for more support.


I am having the same experience. Each time I make the dates available but when I check back I dont have a booking however the dates are closed. This has being happening just recently.
There is a need for concern, because something has gone wrong on the platform.

AG Lodging

The reason may be that you search your property
- for a stay that is shorter than your minimum length
- sooner than your book window in advance

For example, if you set minimum length of stay to 2 days, inquieries for 1 night will show as sold.
Also, if you set minimum advance reservation to 2 days, you cannot book for tomorrow.

This is OK, because it allows only those bookings who meet your criteria.
Therefore, search again by selecting checkin date next week, and checkout several days later.

This is my assumption. Let us know if this was the reason.


I thought of that, but it is not the reason this time. I am somewhat new at this and the resort also rents units. Their ads are there but mine says no availability. 

M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner refresh your calendar and if nothing changes then call your local BDC office for support.

Best wishes for the holidays.

Irwan Ismail

I experienced it too. The date which I blocked previously, still show sold-out though I reopen the date. I think maybe it is because of the policy of booking.com that will remain block the date as a "punishment" or penalty to the host.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Irwan, please edit your Community profile....add a photo....add your property link.

Then partners can check your listing and help you.

Best wishes.