Wifi didn't connect with guests business laptop

Hi everyone. I have been running a successful 1bedroom bed and breakfast for two years. My standard Wifi signal has always been rated at the top and my guests never had an issue. 

A few days ago, a business man stayed and couldn't connect with his laptop. We figured it was something to do with his security settings. He mentioned he had come across this problem before but bigger establishments seem to not have that hindrance.

I need to know what I need to do as I  would like to attract more business guests and certainly not risk getting  a lower review score. Many thanks, Birgit






This is very unusual and likely very specific to his laptop, but its not your responsibility to resolve this, only he can.


Since your wifi will be retail equipment with no special extras like commercial grade wifi, all you can do is ask them to test with their phone first.


Worst case they can attach smart phone to wifi then the laptop to the smart phone as a wifi relay.