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Wrong overall score for satisfied review?


One of my guests has just left a review following a stay that she was really pleased with.  On the review she gives us a 10 for all sections but the overall score is showing as a 9.  How do I contact someone to get this checked as it is bound to affect our overly rating.

Many thanks.





THe simple answer is you do nothing.


THere is no entitlement nor process to change it at all. A quick search on here and you will see many complaining about the new guest rating system.


The main point to understand is the overall score is independent, and not linked in any way.

There have also been reports of guests using mobile devices to do the rating and are so thick they dont scroll or rotate their device to see the higher rating scales options.


So what happens is they think they are moving the slider to the highest point on the category but in fact it is not.


I'm not even surprised that is happening, I've sen a lot weider things done my End Users while working in I.T. 20+ years. :)



Kind Regards



Kidwelly Bed &…

Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I hope the powers that be take note of what is obviously a glitch in their system.