30 08 Prudential Tower, 19 Cecil St bangkok N/A

I had a booking made by this Agoda address. When I asked the guests to pay, they did nt respond to my requests. The telephone number was also incorrect. Booking.com sent several messages and they did not respond. Today they let me cancel. However, they wrote to me and said the guest had cancelled. As per the contract terms the guest should have paid. I did tell booking.com that it was a scam but they did not believe me. I will no longer accept bookings from this address. I really think booking.com need to act on this. I even contacted the Agoda office they told me that booking needed to contact them. I also lost another booking from UAE. These people cancelled at last minute but again the cancellation policy is such that they should have paid but they did not and booking.com did not help me. I have now changed my payment method and booking.com take payment at the time of booking. 

I have lost close CHF6000 in this summer season and am very upset about it.