30 % commission

Booking.com suddenly charges a 30% commission.

I immediately called book.com helpdesk, I complained about the commission, and the agent said that the finance team would call me within 24 hours, but I have not received any calls so far.

What the hell is going on now? Is the 15% commission not enough?

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

While you're waiting for their elusive support,..


Recheck all your settings in Extranet (not Pulse app), especially look for "accelerators", "Mobile rate", "Genius". Remember many of these can stack together to create what you are seeing.

Denise Caesar 1 year ago

Ryan, can you please give met the telephone number of the Helpdesk. The numbers I have don't work

Sue Scales 1 year ago

 Hi There 

I got my payout yesterday after waiting.

I got 15% off my commission  just check your settings might pressed something by mistake 

given extra discount. Happened to me.


I am from South Africa this is the number they given me 0103440666.

Dont know other countries can use it different dialing code.

Thank you


Jeans Apartment 1 year ago

Hello Ryan

This must be a plan. Please find here my situation.

I contacted Bcom many times for not being paid. Even worse Bcom changed payment method without any warning. Recently they started to transfer gross amount and after they asked me to pay them back the commission. Now I have unpaid invoice to booking even they owe me for the same reservation. Maybe it is a plan to shut down my property and to keep the money they owe me. I am sure that this post will be deleted that is why I am making print screen. I will start legal procedure.