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6 weeks and still no money

Very disappointed with performance on paying us. We are not a huge resort rather a small B&B and it takes weeks for us to get our money. I recently hosted 2 guests for 2 nights August 31st and september 1st. so according to your rules money will be transferred by 15th of October and then add 8 days to that and we've waited 6 weeks ! very poor. In addition,  I am currently owed $528AU from August and when I enquired as to when we would get paid I'm advised they couldnt deposit money because my Bank details are wrong - despite having used those details to deposit money twice already ??? There is nothing wrong with my Bank details ; they havent changed now waiting for an email. Our confidence in at all time low-pathetic!

BrookAve 4 years ago

Verify bank info under finance , get paid section.

Under overview contact info.