Accepting online payments



Does anybody know how to accept online payments through booking.com? I am new to this portal, could not find this option anywhere, only payments in cash can be accepted or if I have point of sale machine in my property (which is not the case). Any information would be appreciated.



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Ginascott57 4 years ago

You Opt in to the online booking payment system.

You need a POS machine.

Guests pay booking.com

Booking.com give you a VCC

you process this on your machine.

Well that is the process I use.


I also have the luxury of another system through my chanel manager where I can also process the cards held for the bookings.

Audrius Girnys 4 years ago

Hmmm, is there a way the guests could pay online? I mean same as other systems are doing like Airbnb, they process payments and you receive payments after booking right to your account, no need any POS machines or VCCs. Having POS is just inefficient, because you have extra costs, also to train personnel, there is no possibility to do self check in and etc...

P.S. I understand that for hotels or bigger places, but small house or appartment, you carry machine yourself everytime?

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pibomarco 4 years ago

Feature "Payments by Booking.com" BDC collects all the payments and you receive money on your bank account. (this feature is not available in some countries). Another option: under policies you can mark that deposit/full payment is required for final confirmation. You send the bank details to the guest directly after the booking is made with a deadline. If they don't send the payment or don't reply you can report them to booking.com and you are able to cancel their booking in 24h. 
I used this feature for a short time and it was effective.