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We have recently received a credit card machine and are now able to take cc payments.

We would like to change this information on our page but are having problems finding a way to change it.

Can you assist us with this?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Elie Assuied


In order to start using Booking.com issued VCC - virtual credit cards :





How Online Payments works

When a guest pays online, we facilitate their payment for you, load it onto a virtual credit card (VCC) and send you a notification email. You can charge virtual credit cards for up to six months from the date on which the guest checks-out, after which the VCC will expire.

If the VCC expires, the period to charge the VCC can be extended for another six-month period running from the date on which the card expired. After the expiration of this second six-month period, you will not have any entitlement to the funds and from that point in time, the funds will belong to Booking.com.

Once it’s active, you charge the VCC as you would any other credit card.

Your Point-of-Sale (POS) machine must be set up to charge credit cards remotely. Your POS also needs to be registered under the correct merchant category code (i.e. as an official accommodation provider).

The payment provider charges your bank around 2% for using a VCC. Ask your bank if any other fees apply.

Online Payments is not yet available everywhere. If you’re eligible, you’ll see an 'Online Payments’ section in your extranet 'Finance' tab.

Activate online payments now Learn more





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LEO FABIANI 9 months ago

what is the correct code to ask the bank to set the pos? (a code should be a number)