Additional charge for booking payments

i just opted out with respect to booking.com handling my future booking payments, 2.1%.  i would like to know what happens to the bookings payment from the 1 October knowing that when the guest booked, they supplied their credit details to bookings.com. will bookings.com still charge the guest for existing bookings made prior to the 1 October even if the bookings is for December or must i make contact with the guest for payments. please advice ...thanks


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Sharonpowney 4 years ago

This is a question for the Finance team at booking.com. I totally agree that having to pay extra commission for booking payments processing is totally wrong.  Expedia doesn't charge and pay a lot quicker.  But you need to consider the cost of doing it yourself.  I used to do cash processing but got lots of late cancellations and no shows, which I had no way of collecting for.  If you do the electronic payments yourself you will be shocked at how expensive that is.  I plan to put my prices up by a few dollars to take account of the increased commission deduction.

Acushla54 4 years ago

Not happy about the added commission