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Addresses used for vcc chargings


How does one get an official address of that is used to authorize and charge the card? I initially approved the card but did not capture it within the week. So it was sent back to Booking. It is the address in Washington State, but it no longer appears after an authorization. I have been in touch with Booking several times on the phone and through messaging. If anyone knows this address, it would sure help me collect the money that I have already paid a commission on. Yes, this has gone on for that long. Thanks for any info some may have!

BrookAve 3 years ago




Its hard to say as they made be issuing based on the nearest HQ to your country which could be North EU, in Belgium. I think it is.


I would say if its anything it will be the address under Finance Overview where they show bank transfer info for you to pay commission to , use that address shown.



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