Advise with virtual card payment

Hi anybody have any advice on how to take virtual card payments with an Izettle card reader please.



BrookAve 3 years ago





In general a card reader is only just that, and even more so now with the new SCA  security standard that came out last year.


Contact their support service and ask them how you as an accomodation provider can charge Booking.com issues VCCs.

Normally I would be saying signup for  https://sumup.ie/bookingie/  and then you tell them you need the Virtual terminal service also.


It is important you are set up with the right merchant code.

They will know this, but if you have never actually spoken to them and had this conversation then you likely will not have access without requesting it first.



I have just absorbed the izettle website, and found no mention of it at all.
But that does not mean they do not offer it.


I did spot the - send payment link feature- so that is very good to have. Can do both deposits and prepayments using that method.




Payments - FAQs and all you need to know

Contact BdC  with guide below, if you need more specific to their VCC.




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