alkies Dream 4424224


A guest book at you to stay at Aalkie’s Dream (4424224)  I haven’t got a virtual card and pay paybridge to take the money from you,

But they said they could not get hold on the credit card detail of the guest, will you please pay the money into my account?



The guest is..   Mareike Koglmeier

Confirmation number ********

At the 16 September 19

My bookings went through Nightbridge   (NBID: ********)


My Bank account is


Number – ******

Branch – *******

Swift Code -      *******


Please let me know before the guest is coming, I must know what to do, please.

Thanx Alida Jordaan

Merrifieldgareth 4 years ago

it has worked out best for us to only take booking.com collect bookings.

We lost a substantial amount due to incorrect credit card details provided by booking.com. Om occasion booking.com substituted their own details where a guest had not added detail....postcode is an example