Hello.  I received a last minute reservation.  but the apartment is not available because I already have a rental in progress .. my apartment should no longer be on booking normally because I received an email from you that it was deleted.  can you reimburse the cliebt please?  thank you

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Roels 


You cannot use this site to report such things , you will need to ring local BdC support 

This also shouldnt be possible if you already performed the steps in End My Partnership, so please check now and see if you can still logon 


How can I remove a property or end my partnership with Booking.com?





Once you confirm you did or did not follow the end my partnership guide,

and once you confirm you cannot logon to Extranet,


now use the public main numbers for nearest office to then quote the booking number and get it sorted.


Kind Regards,