BDC owe me for four outstanding guest payments ...

... and I cannot retrieve the cash.

I am owed a total of £894:40 by BDC in outstanding guest payments.
BDC Customer Service say i need to enter my bank details into my extranet to get paid.
I have explained to BDC Customer Service almost every day since March 12th, 2022 that it is impossible to load my bank details into the BDC extranet (see image).
As a result, many messages have been sent from BDC Customer service teams to BDC Credit Control about my problem and they have included my bank details.
I have been making zero progress.

I owe BDC £101:09 in commission payments.My listing on BDC has been suspended today because i have not (and will not) pay my the BDC commission fees.

Can anyone PLEASE help ?
@didem   ?

Many thanks in anticipation,


bank details fail


BrookAve 1 year ago


That's ludicrous,  shocking to hear how incompetent , some are on support teams.