Block guest reservation

Hotels, motels & all properties on booking.com should be able to block a guest reservation after 2 payment, credit card modification or other repeated modifications.   My property has one guest reservation at this time that has modified the credit card information 5 times, still it is no good.  I have spent several hours, logging in , printing the modification, looking up and pulling the previous reservation attempts by this guest only to mark the reservation "credit card and guest name do not match".. (not even close)  Many hotels have a policy that the guest reservation and the credit card must match the same person.  Booking.com should allow the property to cancel & block such a reservation after the second attempt.  Office personal hours to follow up on this one repeated attempted booking has exceeded the actual price of the room.  I believe this waist of time and money is deliberate, by the person trying to reserve a room with someone else's credit card.