Bogus Requests

Hi Booking Partner

Lately we been receiving many bogus reservations for this particular & other properties we manage via Booking.com.

The most recent bogus reservation was on Saturday 28th September 2019 from client name *** / Lithuania / 2 persons / 5 nights etc. We have gotten many similar bogus bookings for property name Rodney Bay Splendour Upper bearing many Eastern bloc & Russian names ~ with no showing on the day of arrival.

As a result we will now instruct your relevant department as of now we no longer want to receive bookings without an enlisted credit or debit card along with a required valid place of residence on all our (Island Properties & Events) listings.  *As of now we basically no longer want to remain signed up to booking requests without clients credit/debit card details & place of residence*.

Can you please look into this extremely annoying situation to help guide us against such unwarranted reoccurring circumstances.

Thanking You
Stanley Leonaire

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

Hi Stanley

welcome to the partner forum.

booking.com will not respond to your post and only here to moderate the forum.

We too experienced bogus bookings which I suspect are used to attach to a visa application to show the traveller has accomodation sorted!

We too have now enforced mandatory contact details plus have a strict cancellation policy to get round the bogus bookings - this must deter some guests but at least we no longer get cancellations.



Stanley 3 years ago

This is precisely the course of action I have myself taken by enforcing mandatory contact details plus i have put in place a strict cancellation policy to get round these unwarranted bogus bookings.