Bookibg id *** cancelled

Hi Team,

We have noticed commission is charged to us for booking id ***.  We would like to inform you to guest belong to booking id *** has cancelled booking as our property do not have lift facilities available. Please remove booking id *** from commission list.

We are unable to contact with team, please help us in this regards.

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pibomarco 4 years ago

Then you should mark it as a no-show or offered them a free cancelation or urge them to cancel their booking. You can also dispute invoices in extranet in the beginning of the month for the previous month in extranet. 

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Surendra


You appear to be posting this for BdC support , Customer Service Rep. They will never see it.

This is not what this forum is for.  We are just partners like you , so posting reference numbers etc is not needed and will be stripped out by moderators, regardless of context.


Based on above all we as partners can do is advise what we would, can and have done to do similar.


In this case scroll to bottom of this page , under Partner Help is Contact Us.

While it will give  two options, message and phone.

It will always be better to go with phone option even if you have to queue for 20 minutes.



Did the guest make the cancelation via the booking.com website i.e. opened their online reservation and click on cancel? 


Or did they just contact you and say they needed to cancel?


I just checked your partner profile for a listing link to view the cancellation policy, but you do not have it added.  It comes in very handy for us if you could do that please. Makes it easier to advise when we have the full or better picture of the situation.


Note there is a Finance section in the dashboard and they have different contact details in there, you might want to us that instead to advise them of the scenario to get credit or refund applied.


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