Booking Deposits

Hi there, Serina here.

I have just had a cancellation for 2 weeks in December, in peak season and have just learned that the guest did not pay a deposit. Can I set up so that a guest pays a deposit on the date of booking and if so, how can I set it up please ?

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Serina,


1. BdC (booking.com) do not handle deposits.

2. You  in Extranet > Property > Policies  : Turn on Damage Deposit Required.

3. You in Messaging Templates - Add a Deposit notification and process to follow into the template for New Reservations. So the guest sees it on Listing and in the first auto message.

Add a note after the deposit payment procedure to say failure to pay the deposit with in x hours or x days, will result in reservation being voided / canceled.


4. Under a reservation details page on right pane is Request Cancel, for when you need its, and you chose option 1, when they fail to comply with the deposit in advance.


5. Decide how you will collect the deposit.

5.1  Payment Link - e.g. Paypal invoice, or a payment service

5.2 SEPA /IBAN bank transfer 5.3 Remote VCC/CC charging  - payment provider with a virtual terminal service or pay link generation, such as https://payrexx.com, https://sumup.ie/bookingie/

5.x The ideal one is usually a payment link, or IBAN transfer to your bank.


Kind Regards