Booking without credit card details In Asia, your reservation will be made as a booking if there is no reliable credit card information, so the payment effect will occur upon arrival.

I have been trying to do all the tricks to solve this problems.

Booking.com accidentally even cancelled all my reservations. 

There is still the same problem.

"Booking without credit card details"

I want to get the credit card details included so My Porter Application with Stripe can handle payment!

Thanks. Mikko

Mikko Lehtojoki 3 years ago

Oh ***, topic is bad. I just copy/pasted it from google translator. In finnish booking says to me: 

Varaus ilman luottokorttitietoja

Asiakas teki majoituspaikkaanne varauksen, jossa ei tarvittu luottokorttietoja, joten maksu tapahtuu saapumisen yhteydessä.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Mikko Lehtojoki


1. Always edit your new topic, do not try to reply to it as first reply, it will go unseen in most cases.


2.Enable all bookings to be prepaid.

3. Is that application offically supported as a channel manager tool?

website link to vendor please?


If it is not a CM tool, then try cloudbeds or nobeds, as a Channel Manager.


It will great help streamline your business and make payments easier along with proper calendar syncing.



Kind regards


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