Booking.com change of date flaw

Watch out. I had a customer made a booking from the 4th -5th February 2023 and half an hour before checkout request a change of date for the following day. 


Date and time of message Sun, 5 Feb at 09:26

This is the reply I got from  booking.com


Booking number:  2718431076   

Old dates:   Sat 4 Feb 2023Sun 5 Feb 2023£89.10

New dates: Sun 5 Feb 2023Mon 6 Feb 2023£89.10

Message from the guest:

I’d like to request a date change for this booking. My previous dates were 4 Feb 2023 to 5 Feb 2023 - I’d now like to stay from 5 Feb 2023 to 6 Feb 2023. The price will change from £89.10 to £89.10. Before you confirm, please make sure you have availability and prices for the dates requested.

How would you like to proceed?

Approving a change of dates means your guest will keep their booking. You won't have to deal with a cancellation.

Reply to this request


Can any bright person see what is happening here. How can you request a change of date when you have already spent a night at the property and the original first day of first booking has already passed

I told the guest to make a fresh booking for an extra night, not getting a free night in my accommodation. I work to hard for that.

Booking.com is also loosing money.