Booking.com charged customer the wrong rate and I'm out of pocket by £100s!

Yesterday I was sorting out my calendar and prices. I had a booking and realised that the customer had been charged the Non-refundable 10% cheaper rate instead of the standard rate, even though it said standard rate.

When I looked more closely all my guests had been charged this and I am now guessing I have lost 10% of my revenue, since the lifting of lockdown in July.

Luckily I only have one property which I rent out entirely - not individual rooms and the majority of my bookings have been with Airbnb, phew! 

Booking.com's response was to contact the guests who are booked and tell them the price has gone up and hope they will pay the new price. There is no compensation for the past bookings. I am so frustrated. I had damage to my property in July and I had no help from them then either. 

To say I am unhappy is an understatement. I know I should've noticed earlier but this should never have happened. I have removed the Non-refundable rate from my listing as I am actually not carrying on from November - it's been an awful year. 

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago


So Sorry you had such a bad experience!!!

 I can certainly understand your frustration...BDC should have been more supportive...maybe you should call them again and try to convince them that it wasn’t your fault for this misunderstanding.

Yes, it’s been an awful year for most of us due to Coronavirus but hope next year will be a better one...

Wish you well.

Mrsjkenny 3 years ago

It's worth a try but I'm not holding out any hope.


This is what they wrote yesterday:-

We understand that the discrepancy could have been caused due to many factors, and are always here to help with any situation.

They have contacted the guests - one has accepted the new rate, one has rejected and I'm waiting for another.

If I don't want to accept the lower rate they will move the guests and if the new accommodation is more (which it is likely to be) I will have to pay.

Seems all one sided when the mistake was theirs. I'm looking into moving my business to another company. Any recommendations greatly received.