Booking.com charged me 41euro for a 1500 euro payout, and it's just for exchange rate.

Hello, in August my payout should be € 1,500.32, I have set my payout currency as Euro, but i only recieved €1459.45 

I have got feedback from your financing team say " that we are only able to payout in CZK. Please add your krown bank account in extranet."

I dont really understand this reply. if not able to pay out in EURO, how come I can recieve the payment in Euro, 

if you have such a big payout fee from euro, why dont you clearly tell the users your payout in euro extra charge is nearly 3%?

It's very unreasonable, they payout i set is in euro, and I recieve 41 euro short because booking.com say not accept euro payout? where it listed doesnt accept euro payout? And your team stopped answer me on my questions, so I hope I can get answer from here. 

Thank you,