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8 collects payments on our behalf?

Hi all


I wonder how other partners deal with this:  Does bdotcom collect guests' payment on your behalf? I informed about it by calling the help centre (btw answered from the USA..) and they informed me that they don't do this, only if I don't have facilities. Correct? This is within New Zealand. 

In order to prevent cancellations, I have chosen that guests pay 50% payment at the time of booking and 50% a week before arrival. Now guests don't pay directly,  I got credit card numbers after the booking was done but not the code on the back of the card. So I can't take the money. (With this system I have to arrange the payment manually, with guests not present. )

Well, this code has now been activated. But this is for future guests only ! ..

What device do people use in New Zealand for this?. I can't access the money. I rang and it was supposed to be arranged. I haven't heard anything yet..... And I only have 10 days to open the number after the booking has been made (??)

So I won't see the money until people arrive. And they can still cancel? I do have cancellation policy but how do I get money if I don't have their card number and if they are not present. Any suggestions? 

Greetings, Aaltje B.

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

If it's available, use Payments by and set every date to non-refundable. You will get the bookings, you will stop the fake bookings and you will get paid whether the guest turns up or not. Taking payments yourself by credit card exposes you to the very high risks of fake bookings through and the very high risk of no-shows, leaving you with empty rooms and no time to take other bookings and of course, no money. Payments by has a high commission rate, but just increase your prices to cover that. Others will have other ideas and solutions ....

Denyse Daniel 1 year ago

Thank you, I  O W,

man we kept getting these false bookings. Drove me crazy but thanks to you..Blessing Always


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fluff 4 years ago

There is a very easy way to obtain the missing CVC codes from the rear of the cards.

Simply report the card as invalid in the system, select missing CVC code as the reason.

All serious bookers will happily re-submit the card details WITH the CVC code. Those who don't you may cancel or not at your own will.

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi Fluff.  My device (from the bank) works with cards only I just found out. It is called Verifone. So may have to look into swopping for an EFTPOS system with Verifone in one. I am only then able to deal with all kinds of paying systems. But there is the hassle of manually putting the numbers in twice. At the time of booking and a week before. 

The system where collects payments and transfers me monthly or weekly And lets me pay 1.5 to 2 % extra in New Zealand.

Both the Verifone systems work via Wifi which we have in this area, but if BDC accepts me using their collecting system, then I would prefer that. They take commission off the total and voila. Some say it is not as safe, and some say it is a slow way of receiving the money.... I can only but try. 

At the moment I am waiting for an answer of the finance team, for permission BDC collect... It's about time and money.... will keep you posted!  Thinking hard here, 


Aaltje B.