Booking.com hasn't paid since January

I'm Polish and I have an apartment in Spain. I have set up payments from customers through booking.com. For six months I have been waiting for booking.com to pay me for a booking that took place in December 2019. There are two payments associated with it, one for the booking itself, the other for the refund of the commission (credit note issued in February).
I wrote messages on the extranet several times, I also called the CS in Spain. On the extranet there is no answer, CS in Spain claims to have sent a request to the financial department in Spain. I also contacted the Polish branch to get help, unfortunately it did not work. I was promised twice that the Spanish financial department would contact me, but nobody calls or writes. I can't reach them, the Spanish financial department doesn't answer the phone. This is an outrage!

Dinah McAlees 3 years ago

I have been waiting for 6 payments since January.  I have received no satisfactory reply, nor the payments.  I am taking Booking.com to EU small claims court.

3 years ago

Hello, Maciej GajdaDinah McAlees! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for flagging this. I'm not sure, other fellow partners can help you with it. So you really need to wait for the support reply. Please keep us informed on how everything goes and if you still need help. Besides, I would recommend you to double-check all the invoices you received. You can find more information here: https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/commission-invoices-tax?collapse=426