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1 making us wait 30 days to get paid

I'm not sure why is different than Airbnb or VRBO, however, anyone besides myself annoyed that Booking is holding our money for 30 days? I'd like to know exactly how much they are making off the interst on our money? It has to be in the millions... That money should be paid upon guests arrival!

BrookAve 4 years ago

Why is not really a thing since its their prerogative how they operate, that's why we have free will and choice.


30 days terms is a standard business practise. or least it is here in IE & UK.

However having said that, knowing that if you use Pay by BdC, you can apply and then set it to payout each checkout period of 7-9 days, or on 15 as monthly payout.


Normally Payouts on Guest arrival some OTAs do that but only when its entirely prepaid non refundable rate plan type.