Booking.com owe us £15,000+ and simply won't pay us!

I'm sick and tired of Booking.com

We took over a pub during UK lockdown. We eventually opened for trading a year ago.

It's been extremely hard work! It's really hard to find staff so my wife and I are both working 16+ hours a day. So there's hardly enough time to get everything done. I've spent the last month catching up with bookkeeping and discovered that we haven't had a single payment from Booking.com. So they now owe us over £15,000 GBP. I've been trying to sort out getting paid since 30th March, but each time I get the same answer "please check your bank details". 

I've checked them and account number, sort code, BIC & IBAN are all correct. They must be, as they have actually taken money from us during this time!

I've phoned and messaged them many times in the last 2 weeks but they just don't seem to show any concern whatsoever. Finally, I advised them a week ago that they have until 12:00 GMT on 15/4/22 to settle this debt before we pass it to a legal team. 

Looking forward to seeing them in court!

BrookAve 1 year ago


FYI : pointless posting this here, they wont see it. 

but by all means vent away if it helps even a little.

hopefully you get payout soon, but like many from last year, there is a backlog 

Didem - Community Manager