Booking.com pays with VCCs that are not chargeable

I have a property in Cuba and am paid through VCCs. I use Sirvoy as a channel manager and stripe as a payment provider. However I get a "generic decline" for every VCC I tried to charge. The setup works for direct bookings through the website. Sirvoy and stripe have investigated thoroughly and  asked me to check with booking.com as they feel the error is on booking.com site. All the usual stuff like right merchant code etc have been ruled out as a potential cause for the problem. I have provided evidence and detailed problem records to booking.com through the extranet and called the service team numerous times. The strange thing is for example that I get an invoice from booking.com saying I do not have to pay commissions as they are directly deducted from the payments. The VCCs however are issued on the whole amount including commissions.The service teams take note of the case but can not do anything as they say only "credit control" can speak to this and they even internally can be only reached by email. Today the partner support team  said credit control is not even picking up the messages. This has been going on for months. I wonder if I am the only one having this problem or this is a strategy of non-payment? Booking.com works fine with us for everything but getting paid. 

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hi Dirk! Thank you for posting in the Community!

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with charging VCC.


Here are the main reasons why you might not able to charge VCC:

  • The card is not yet active Try again after it’s been activated

  • The card has insufficient funds (overcharged) Check that the amount you’re charging matches the available balance 

  • The CVC code entered is incorrect Make sure you’re using the correct number

  • The expiration date entered is incorrect Make sure you’re using the correct expiration date 

  • Your POS machine merchant code is invalid Booking.com’s virtual credit cards can only be charged by merchants registered as official accommodation providers. Contact your terminal provider for help (Tip: it’s possible to have your code changed)

The reason of an error can be seen on the Reservation details page approx 30 min after failed charge. 


More about VCC you can read here:



Best regards.

BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Dirk


I am looking into something similar and wondered if you sorted this and what was the root cause?

Would appreciate an answer .


Kind Regards

Info 2 years ago

Be interested to know if you found a fix for this. Having same issue and helpline can't find anything wrong.