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1 refused to pay me, process investigation or even answer my phone call

Hi there,

BOOKING.COM really drives me mad. I was with them since Nov., 2019, and BOOKING.COM hijacks all payments from all the guests, and rejected to payout. They kicked me to their global service offices and only kept saying sorry to me. No investigation, no apology, nothing~ Their finance team lied to me as well. Cannot believe Finance guys are lying so smoothly.

I had no choice but closed it. and BTW, I was with BOOKING.COM in 2015, and the guests that time were the best compared to AIRBNB; but now, it is totally different. My door frames were damaged by guests from BOOKING.COM, and my mattress was peed by guests from BOOKING.COM, my bath tub was broken by guests from BOOKING.COM. All happened during three months.

BOOKING.COM becomes absolutely a joke to travelling market.


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Community Admin 4 years ago

Dear Shirley thank you for posting in the community! 


We are really sorry that you have experienced this issue. There are cases that the payment was returned back by the bank even after multiple attempts. Unfortunately in these cases, the only option is to update your bank information in order for us to proceed with the transaction in a different bank. 


We really hope that your issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Kind Regards!

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Shirley 4 years ago

In fact, this is the quickest reply from you. And I have updated my account to another bank more than one month ago. 

You see, nothing happened. I requested your investigation, no reply and no action. Bank is only one of your excuses not paying me, and another typical excuse was my name. 

The new bank account is only for the payout from your shit finance team, and if you decide not to pay and put my money in your pocket, just let me know, and I could go to cancel the useless card.

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Sharonpowney 4 years ago

Sorry about your bad experience.  As Admin says setting up the payments can take a bit of time, so that they can pay you.  If you have the system set up for to process payments not sure why you think they are 'hijacking' the money.  Once the setup is correct it all gets processed fine and they will pay you out.

I would try again and get things all set up correctly.  I think you just had a run of bad luck with the guests.  I have never had anything like this happen with my guests.  Occasional mishaps but nothing major.

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Shirley 4 years ago

From the beginning, I am sure nothing is wrong to my set up. And in fact, i called service agents for 30 times, and they all created all different excuses to cheat me. 

 To my understanding of the process, if BOOKING.COM said my setup has problem or the payout bounced back, I think it is their responsibility to show the evidence, at least the bank transfer record, and after more than ten times of the request from my side, they still cannot give any evidences of bank transfer, so I could fully believe their finance procedure has big problem, and what more important, they dont care of the problem.

Lucky you to get paid, and I have a new card from a new bank I don't need it. And the balance still 1 dollar after I updated it to BOOKING.COM for one month.