Booking.com refused to pay without explanation

Hello, friends!
My name is Dimar, I have been working with the booking resource for a year now.
In November 2019, according to one of the bookings, I received guests in my villa.
After his stay, the guest remained happy and wrote an excellent 5 star review.
In the payment settings, I saved the settings for receiving payments through booking.com.
The funds were not paid to my company account.
After many letters and calls to the support service, I still did not receive an answer about the payment for this reservation.
The operator’s answers came down to the fact that he sees an unpaid reservation, but cannot say what exactly became the reason.
They said that they contacted the financial department and wrote a request to resolve the issue.
But the finance department is still silent.
After many wonks to the support service were unsuccessful, the operators studied the issue and again went into silence.
My question has not yet been resolved.
booking.com has been silent for more than half a year.
I do not know how to be!
Friends .... If any of you know how to help in this matter, please write!
My hospitality in Phuket will know no bounds for you!
Please, help!
This payment will help me keep staff. Today it is very important to me!
I wish you health, joy and peace!
Sincerely, Dimar

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fluff 3 years ago

Hi Dimar,

Do you also pay invoices TO Booking.com?

If yes, then deduct the amount you are owed from your next payment. This will definitely get their attention!

Now you will be talking to finance directly and can state your case.

If you only receive payments then you will need to persevere.  If you've been calling the Phuket office try using Bangkok instead,  they are generally more helpful.

Dmitro Ananiev 3 years ago

Hello Fluff!
Thank you very much for your recommendation! I will do exactly as you suggested.
I had a meeting with our admission manager in the office of Phuket, but he has no connection with the financial department and only wrote a letter to this service.
It’s really time for me to pay the last fees.
You have helped me a lot and I am very grateful to you!
I wish you good health and good mood!
Sincerely, Dimar