Booking.com stole from me

I own 23 short-term, furnished rentals and have been very successful on other sites. I listed 3 of those properties on booking.com on a trial basis and things have not gone well in a variety of ways. But the recent occurrence was the last straw.

A guest reserved one of my apartments for 30 days; booked it 5 months in advance. Booking.com collects all of the fees for me. The guest no-showed and booking.com refused to pay me anything- no explanation-no advance warning that the guest's payment method didn't go through-nothing. (My cancelation policy is that the guest owes 100% of the cost of the reservation).

I guess this company is not concerned about people in the industry telling guests and hosts to steer clear of Booking.com, as I will post my story on every venue I can find.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Lisa Scott

Probably not the correct topic name at all and simply a complete misunderstanding of how things really work currently.


So many questions not covered by the above and too many .


Please be more detail orientated and share things like when this was.

When was the check-in date.

Remember BdC GDT contract clearly stipulates they will relocate or offer full refund to guest. If and when the guerst asks BdC or uses the online management tool.


This is why I always bang on about dealing with the guest directly and do not get BdC support involved .

By dealing directly you can offer alternatives, such as change of dates, future credit in value or number of nights ; or simply up to 50% refund of what you recieve from BdC when you receive it.


So at end of the day BdC didnt steal anything you just (based on the little bit of info above), handled it incorrectly.


So please share alot more detail in future.




Kind Regards