Booking.com technology for the bank account opening

Hi all, 

I'd appreciate your reply on the below issue.

I've tried to get help from Booking extranet, but more than one week now without their reply on Extranet... 

We're trying to add the ability to charge our guests with a debit card for convenience all. As a part of the application process, a local bank in Panama has requested me to fill out one particular form. I first asked the WebDirect (our website is built with it) team to help me with it, they suggested to ask in booking extranet, these guys have been silent for over a week now. So I guess this is my final hope...

The bank requested technical information about Booking.com reservation engine, 
I'll add a couple of screenshots below that they presented to us to fill out, it's in Spanish, so to make it easier I will list the things that they asked in English: 

- IP address of the webpage;
- Operational system (Linux, Mac OS, Windows Server, other)
- Web Server (Nginx, Apache, ISS, other (specify))
- Booking software (Prestashop, Woocomerce, Magento, other)...
- Programming language: (.Net , Java, PHP, other (specify).

Also, they ask if the booking source has certification of PCI DSS and SSL.

As a person with not so much of  a tech background, I'm a bit lost, but I guess for firm answers even I had a background, who knows if the code is in PHP, JavaScript or .Net. That knows the person who wrote it.

A couple of screenshots showing major parts of the bank form: 



I'd appreciate anybody's help with that. Cheers! 

BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Mike,


This really isnt something any other partner nor the Community admin can answer .


You could try the phone number method for BDC support and ask for the department who deals with WEBAPI or integration with thirdparty systems.


A normal BDC advisor will not be able to directly answer these questions either but they should take your contact info and pass it on and have someone contact you at a minimum.



As a IT professional myself I am familiar with this but knowing what I know about Booking.com, I can see this being a painful process to get any answers if any.


I suspect the better solution is if taking direct payments and not using the Payments By Booking.com you should look into using a Channel Manager software/online service to act as the middleware system.


Kind regards


contact phone number list:






Mike Belogortsev 4 years ago

Hi Barry, 

Thanks so much for your insight. I will try what you'd advised. 

Kind regards,


BrookAve 4 years ago

I also meant to say I use and reccomend the option of 'Payments By Booking.com'.

It will simplify your life, and enable prepayments for guests booking.


In this scenario all you have to do it enable it and provide your bank IBAN details. THey will deduct the commission and payment gateway % from each reservation prepaid.

You then can choose payout monthly on 15th or every 9 days and then its usually in bank withith 48 hours.





Mike Belogortsev 4 years ago

Thanks again Barry, we were simply unaware of it , I guess. This is actually a very good option, since bank application for this kind of account is quiet complicated not to mention the extra costs added for keeping it running.

With Expedia we've had something similar of a  deal for a while now, they are in charge of all payments and once a month I create an invoice and they send the money to us. Takes time , but we save lots while not caring if the client has paid the deposit or not, cancellations etc.