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I have activated the 'virtual card payment' and have a card machine for our guesthouses, and just making use of these two items, I have experienced less cancellations. When I get an invalid card notice via my channel manager, I contact the person and let them know that the payment failed....very diplomatically, and then send them an sms/whatsapp message, and invariably, I will receive a proof of payment, or am notified that information has been corrected.

Just contacting the guests beforehand makes the guest feel that there is someone who they can connect with if there should be any questions. Mostly, just a phone-call to ask for their personal email address so that you can send some directions and give a couple of helpful hints of what is available to see in the area, forms a 'connection'. I am NOT keen on 'speaking to a robot', so I have made a point of contacting my guests and thanking them for their booking. Such a small thing to do, but without it, I believe it would just be 'another place that we spent the night at'!

All the tools are at your disposal on site to assist one....sift through the opportunities to find what works for you and your 'style' of accommodation. My channel managers are also MOST helpful, and VERY friendly, and always willing to assist. (I am NOT a computer boffin, but when there is a 'tool' made available, and it doesn't clash with anything I already have, I MAKE USE OF IT!)

Just try them....the worst that will happen, is that you will have to 'fine tune' the opportunities to suit your needs!

THANK YOU BOOKING.COM for helping me to make a success of my small business! It took a while, but I believe the problems that I used to have, are now something to smile about, just thinking of MY earlier incompetence! 

(Think positive, be positive = make a positive difference to your business!)

Have a blessed day everyone!

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hello Marie and welcome to the Partner Community...

Thank you very much for your warm positive post.

Finally, a new Partner has uploaded profile picture and small biography.

Please share with us some pictures of your peaceful west coast..and where exactly it is.

Wish you an amazing evening!!!


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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Welcome to the Forum Marie,

Excellent read, thanks for sharing!

I do love the Opportunities tab. I get quite excited when there is a notification that they have added a new one. Our bookings via would look much bleaker if we didn't use the Promotions that are suggested via that tab. 

Got. To. Love.'s. Enthusiasm! 

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

My Dear Leandri!!!

Nice to hear from you.

Opportunities are always very interested to boost our properties.

Wish you all a splendid day.