Brazil Payouts not made since June of 2023

Dear Community Members,


I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your guidance and assistance regarding a pressing issue I am facing with Booking.com.


Since June 2023, I have not been receiving my payments, causing significant distress and complications. Despite hosting guests from Booking.com in my residence, I have not received ANY payment for over 5 MONTHS!

The outstanding amount is BRL 20,377.32, and Booking.com claims there is a problem with their payment system. 


I have confirmed with my local bank in Brazil, and there are no issues on my end. I have contacted Booking.com over 10 times!!!, registered complaints through both phone calls and emails, but the problem persists. They keep advising me to wait for the next month, yet the payment never materializes.


This situation is becoming critical as I am facing legal issues with my condominium due to the inability to pay my bills. Booking.com continues to send guests to my property, and I am in a state of DESPERATION as I can no longer afford to pay cleaning staff and cover the expenses generated by Booking.com.


I have called Booking.com's customer service, but they informed me that the finance department can only be reached via email and does not take phone calls.


I kindly request your assistance in drawing attention to my situation and urging Booking.com to process my payment promptly. My utility bills, water, condominium fees, and staff payments are all overdue due to non-receipt from Booking.com.


Your support in resolving this matter urgently would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,


P.L.P Guesthou… 1 month ago

I'm face of this problem too. From Thailand.

How can we do?

I still need Help.


Thank you for sharing and we will find the way to fix this problem.

Sergio Andrade 1 month ago

This issue appears to be far from resolution, causing severe disruptions for me as the majority of my payments have been held by Booking, and they are withholding all funds without passing them on to me. I am unable to cover essential expenses such as electricity, water, internet, taxes, cleaning, and more. 


This situation is truly disheartening, and it's unacceptable for a company of such magnitude to inflict such significant problems on small accommodations that rely on this income to support our families.


As an alternative, I've made the decision to cancel all incoming reservations I had, approximately 30 in total. I am now redirecting my guests to platforms like Airbnb and others.


Concerning the funds held by Booking, I believe the only recourse is to pursue legal action and initiate a formal process. Only through such measures do I anticipate receiving the rightful payments owed.

Jo te Winkel 1 month ago

Have you been paid in the meantime?

We are in Australia and booking.com hasn't paid us since September owing us thousands of $ 

We have sent multiple messengers without any solutions and are now preparing our next steps.


It's a horrible situation for so many families trusting a big company like this, giving them all the benefits and we don't receive our money :(