bug when no available rooms. 

sometimes it says fulbooked in our system, while for costumers it says available. 
Then they are able to book even when we're fullbooked, and they get trouble with payment if it is same day as arriving, where they get charged even for all night, or the booking price.
we get bad critic from costumers because of this. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Bjørn Sørmeland

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The correct way to cancel a booking is to click on Request To Cancel then option 2.

This way it automatically refund 100% , assuming of course you use Payments by Booking.com and have PrePay enabled.


IF the guest logs on and clicks request cancellation, you then get notified and then have an option to waive cancellation policy fee, and allow 100% refund too.


However If its same day or past check-in I believe you need to contact BdC support to have them manually do it.



Kind regards


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